The object and the past
Continuing the long-standing success of the international photography event Photosynkyria, the Thessaloniki Museum of Photography this year proudly presents its 15th anniversary programme. Last year's event, under the artistic direction of Eric Auzoux, dealt with the contemporary development of humanistic photography in the historical echo left by the footsteps of Edward Steichen. This year's Photosynkyria moves in an almost antipodal sphere, and explores the concept of the object, in an extensive series of mainly solo exhibitions under the general title Traces: The Object and the Past.

There is yet another group exhibition, to be held at the Thessaloniki Museum of Photography, which deals with the object through works of the Museum's permanent collection. Curated by Hercules Papaioannou and Costis Antoniades, the exhibition includes works by Greek and, to a lesser extent, foreign artists, that treat the theme of the object in a wide variety of approaches.

John Stathatos is the curator of an international group exhibition titled Archaeologies, presented at the Thessaloniki Museum of Byzantine Culture. Treating photography and archaeology as two means of regaining the past, Stathatos believes that each generation searches for confirmation of what it believes to be important in the past.

As is the practice every year, the exhibition programme is enriched with another group of exhibitions on various, unrelated photographic themes, not grouped under one umbrella.

This year's programme was inspired and arranged by Aris Georgiou, the Museum' s former director. The Thessaloniki Museum of Photography has felt the need to carry out the programme as conceived by Aris Georgiou, in honour of the artistic conception of the man who has been the creator of Photosynkyria and served as its director throughout these years.

Hercules Papaioannou

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