18th International Festival of Photography Thessaloniki Photosynkyria 2006
The photographic document: Aspects & Transformations
February - April 2006

The international festival of Photosynkyria takes place in Thessaloniki from February till mid-April every year attracting the interest both of the photographic world and of the wider public while at the same time functioning as a meeting place for the Greek and the international photographic scene. It that takes place all over Thessaloniki: in Museums, art places, galleries, bookshops and cafes

The theme of Photosynkyria is chosen by the artistic director of the festival who is being appointed annually by the Thessaloniki Museum of Photography. Most exhibitions revolve around the main theme even though there are some that are of free subject matter.
In this framework, the artistic director of the 18th Photosynkyria and Curator of the Thessaloniki Museum of Photography, Hercules Papaioannou, will attempt to investigate under the title The Photographic Document: Aspects & Transformations some of the contemporary trends of the photographic document from selected works of photographers from all over the world.

The digital revolution, the process of globalization and the possibility of being connected with any place on the planet, the impact of television and its influential glossy stereotypes as well as the discovery of photographs that have been altered, all these factors have managed to put into question the traditional faith that is entrusted on photography, i.e that it constitutes an objective trace of reality, a fragment of the truth.