18/2 - 15/3 1998
PROSFYGIKI AGORA 35-36 / 242-566
DAILY 10.30 - 3.00

.. And suddenly, you felt as though you were in the Land of Eldorado... just like Voltaire's Candide. Where the beach was of gold, rather than sand, with diamonds and rubies instead of pebbles - "grit" that people in the outside world would even kill for... But there, no one looked twice at them, for in that country material goods had no value and people lived in harmony, happy and free, without them. And when the hero, departing, thought to take a few "pebbles" with him, he soon realised that they belonged where they were, where no one valued them, and once away from that place, were soon lost...
But instead ... The place was the Athens First Cemetery, where tranquillity, serenity and harmony reign, just like in the Land of Eldorado ... So near, and yet so far from the noise of the city... There where, amidst the lush vegetation, in the shade of the tall trees and behind the song of the birds, a "living" polity follows its daily routine... And a host of people, of different classes and from different ages, continues to co-exist in peace and harmony, against time, and to tell its own story, through a few flowers, a photograph, words of loved ones engraved in the grey marble, a representation of their face or of certain moments in their life...
So far from our own daily problems and from the values that appear foreign to their world, they "co- exist" with us in their own parallel course and send, to all who have ears to hear, their own message for their active polity, their legendary realm - the Land of Eldorado ...

Stella Kabatza was born in 1959. She studied law and political science, and now lives and practises law in Thessaloniki.
Although an amateur, she has been an active photographer for a number of years, and has presented her work in one solo (Ionia,1993) and three group exhibitions (Ikastika 1994, Painting and Photography by Lawyers 1997, and Photographers' Self-Portraits 1997).