We live in an age in which the image is all-powerful. Photography, which introduced this age, may now also be its culmination within the broader framework of the digital society. For photography is at once a medium and a product, a product of particular historic and artistic significance, a product with infinite applications on the international market, and a work of art with its own particular codes and aesthetic value.
Photography is, in the final analysis, the ultimate proof that reality can be recorded in a multitude of ways while still remaining essentially uncharted, since even the unfailing honesty of the photographer's lens is open to subjective readings on the part of the artist, not to mention the possibilities of digital processing. Digital processing, however, is far less significant than imaginative and aesthetic treatment.
And this is precisely the theme of this year's PHOTOSYNKYRIA: ''The Vindication of Tlon'', the irresistible attraction of the fantastic in photography, even in this age of digital imagery. Now in its 13th year, PHOTOSYNKYRIA has become a nerve centre of Greek photographic creation, a point of contact and interaction with artists from other countries and a channel giving Greek photography access to the international scene.
The importance of this role has made support for this event one of the Ministry of Culture's top priorities. The need, moreover, for PHOTOSYNKYRIA to continue to grow and develop is also seen in its impact on the world of photography -and not just in Greece, judging by the level of international entries that the event attracts each year.
PHOTOSYNKYRIA has become one of the most important features of the Thessaloniki Museum of Photography, and one further illustration of the city's position as an international centre of cultural activity and creativity.

Evangelos Venizelos
Minister of Culture